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Field Day 2008 Photos
Field Day Logo 2008
FD-08-01 FD-08-02
FD-08-03 FD-08-04
FD-08-05 FD-08-06
FD-08-07 FD-08-08
FD-08-09 FD-08-10
FD-08-11 FD-08-12
FD-08-13 FD-08-14
FD-08-15 FD-08-21
FD-08-17 FD-08-18
FD-08-19 FD-08-20
FD-08-16 FD-08-22
FD-08-23 FD-08-24
FD-08-25 FD-08-26

More photos will be added once they are sent to me. Enjoy.

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